Green Season in full swing

Grumeti | April 2017

With Green Season in full swing, Singita Grumeti was the place to be during April. Both the Sasakwa and Sabora plains were a sea of grass.

Our resident game, topi, gazelle, giraffe, eland and zebra are making the most of having the concessions to themselves before the migration returns. The majority of them can be found on the grass plains of Sabora, the reason being safety in numbers and also to eat the nutrient-rich grass that they need to be able to nurse their young.

With their prey moving west the predators have been forced to do the same. There have been nine various kills witnessed this month – cheetah and wild dogs made up for majority of them. The wild dogs in particular have enjoyed great success in and around Sabora with five hunts being seen in the area.

All our lion prides are in a stable and healthy way at the moment, with us seeing four different prides on a regular basis.

The Nyasarori pride again made up most of the sightings this month. We often see between 15 and 22 members together, including the five males.

The Butamtam pride, who spend the majority of their time between the rhino sanctuary and Sasakwa dam, have had three new arrivals. So that takes their cub total to 11, with their being so many mouths to feed it keeps the mothers on their toes always looking out for an easy meal. With most of the herbivores being seen on the short grass plains it has forced the Butamtam females to venture further south in the search for food.

We recently witnessed one of the Butamtam males on honeymoon with a Butamtam female, so, all going well, we can expect some new fur balls in about three months.

For the month, the guests and guides have seen 64 different lion sightings.

Gerald and his guests came across 18 pride members on an adult female giraffe kill. All the signs point towards the lions attacking and killing this female as she was seen the day before looking healthy and also with her one-month old calf.

While guests where watching the lions feeding on the giraffe, the baby giraffe appeared out of the bush looking for its mother, which was a bad move, as four of the lions strolled up to it and proceeded to catch and kill the youngster and then started to feed on it. Nature is an unforgiving beast!