Good things come to those who wait

Pamushana | April 2019

It is always a pleasure to visit Hwata hide, especially during the late afternoon as a number of wildlife species trickle in for a drink. On this very day we were fortunate enough to be rewarded as we had sat in the hide for close to an hour without any signs of wildlife coming in, due to the availability of water at the natural pans; but then we saw a dominant elephant bull arrive.

His gigantic legs engulfed the spectrum of our anxious eyes as he moved to the main source of fresh water. Soon after we settled down to enjoy this sighting two other bulls gained enough confidence from the dominant bull to join him for a drink. What a pleasure it was hearing them suck the water with their trunks as they quenched their thirst. Even though we were in the safe territory of the hide they were within touching distance. Later on they started mud spraying and even sprayed some into the hide, splattering us! It is always such a pleasure to join in an elephant mudbath!