Four elephant bulls at Nduna Dam

Pamushana | March 2018

Singita Pamushana Lodge renovations are well on track and our African royal palace is set to reopen in May. Two new suites are being added, the lodge deck and living space are being extended so that you can see forever over the Malilangwe Dam, and the interior design is being inspired by our rich culture and bold African patterns. We’ve spotted Singita’s renowned décor team dashing about with swatches of ochre tan, ebony black, ivory white and leopard gold. We are all so excited by the developments at the lodge and, in a way, it feels like a microcosm of the renewed pride and optimism we are feeling as a Zimbabwean nation.

The wildlife is at large, so to speak, but this report is dedicated to a particularly memorable sunset sighting of four elephant bulls at Nduna Dam:

This bull found a bank to stand on to perform his trick of spraying water in two directions by pinching closed the tip of his trunk.

I have no idea why this bull dropped to his knees to submerge and splash his trunk in the water, but it sure looked like fun!

There’s always time for a boys’ game of playful bullying after a swim. The off-guard little bull in the cover photo got a tusk poked in his butt to spur him into the game.

The youngster managed to slip away from the others and scratch his toes delicately on a fallen branch.

After they finished their swim and games they gathered on an island, relaxed a little and then filed off into the bush that is so dense and lush at the moment.