Ears With Tufts

Grumeti | February 2019

It was a great day this month, the day I witnessed the Caracal. This month has been fantastic for cats in general but I never thought I would find myself looking eye to eye with this rarely observed Caracal.

The Caracal is notoriously hard to find in the Grumeti Reserve, although there being reasonable densities, it is not often seen. As I drove slowly down Helmet Shrike Road just South of Sasakwa Hill I decided to stop, switch off the engine and scan around with my Binoculars. I noticed something sat upon a Termite mound approximately 150m away from us. I could not believe my eyes and there it was, clear as day. I excitedly explained to my guests what we were seeing here and to quickly have a look through the binoculars at the Caracal for fear that it would disappear into the grass any second and would be gone from view forever. Fortunately this beautiful creature remained in clear view for moments longer and my guests were able to share the visual with me.

This is the first time I have seen Caracal on the reserve since begging work here in 2007. A great and memorable moment for myself and my guests. Did you know that the name Caracal was believed to have come from the Turkish word Karakulak which means Black ear…..