Crashes of rhinos

Pamushana | August 2018

As always here at Singita Pamushana crashes of up to 12 white rhinos and four black rhinos have been seen at a time. At one sighting of white rhinos a pack of wild dogs sped through the scene chasing impala – a scene that lasted for the duration of, “Look! Look! Look!” At another there were two rhino bulls having a serious territory conflict, while a mother and sub-adult calf spectated the fight. A nerve-wracking experience for all was viewed from inside our sunken photographic hide when ten different white rhinos, including a little baby were at the waterhole. The baby was begging its mum for some milk, which sounded similar to a whale calling. The sounds alerted a nearby hyena and it attempted attacking the baby rhino. Thankfully it was sent packing each time by its very protective mother.

Some fortunate guests had the experience of a lifetime when they were given the opportunity to attend two separate rhino identification ear-notching operations, one with a white rhino and the other a black rhino. They witnessed conservation in action as the team of vets and wildlife biologists worked, and they had the opportunity to see the sedated rhinos up close.