Grumeti | December 2019

This is a lovely picture of “Chamrio” taken by Adas Anthony. This peak marks the very NW border of the Grumeti Reserve. It is in fact the highest point in the Mara district (1,700m above sea level).

Chamrio is said to be an incredibly sacred place among the local tribes’ people and historically it was a place of gathering and important ceremonial celebrations.

At the turn of the century when Tanzania was German East Africa it played a key role for the Germans that, at the time, had built a fort here at Ikoma. The German troops would send word in Morse code using a heliograph to signal, using the sun’s light, to the men in the fort. They would send them messages from Lake Victoria to let them know that supplies were on route or to be aware that the enemy were advancing! It was a very clever system. The fort is still intact here on the reserve, although dilapidated to a certain extent.

Chamrio is one of the most distinctive peaks of the region and is a useful tool in orientating yourself whilst out on the vast open grasslands.