Singita Covid-19 Protocols

After carefully assessing every risk and tailoring preventative measures that ensure the health and safety of all our guests and staff, Singita is ready to welcome you back at our lodges & camps as soon as travel bans and lockdowns are lifted.

Your health is our top priority and Singita’s well-informed measures address all concerns travellers may have surrounding COVID-19. In line with the latest recommendations from leading authorities like the World Health Organization, our protocols ensure safe environments and experiences throughout your stay. Our unique guest experience has been the bedrock of a stay at Singita since our inception, and has always included the utmost privacy and exclusivity. It forms a seamless part of our new operational procedures, which safeguard your peace of mind at every turn.

“We are ready to welcome you on an unforgettable African safari in a sanctuary where your health and wellbeing are top of mind.”

Singita Covid-19 Protocols

Proactive & Preventative Measures

  • Handwash and soap-dispenser stations throughout lodge areas.
  • Hand sanitiser available in all rooms and bathrooms.
  • Suites sterilised before after check-in and daily during guest stay.
  • Extra cleaning protocols in suites with focus on high-contact areas and items like door handles, remotes, coffee machines and boardgames.
  • Fitness & wellness areas cleaned more regularly, with special attention to high-contact areas.
  • Chefs prepare all food wearing face masks and gloves.
  • No buffets, bush dinners and boma dinners offered unless lodge is booked for exclusive use.
  • Snacks individually packaged.
  • All lodge and hired vehicles are extensively cleaned with alcohol-based wipes between transfers, tours and game drives.
  • This includes binoculars, window latches, door handles and all high-contact areas.
  • Maximum of four guests per vehicle unless party is travelling together.
  • We recommend that guests follow stringent hygiene practices of regular hand washing and sanitisation, limited hand face contact, social distancing and the wearing of face masks
  • Offsite activities such as community experiences are subject to change, please enquire at time of booking.
  • Enquiry of guest travel history prior to arrival.
  • Guests and all luggage treated with sanitiser on arrival.
  • Guest temperatures checked on arrival and logged for reference.
  • Medical contacts informed of high temperatures.
  • In all public guest areas.
  • In allocation of dining room tables and decks.
  • On game drive vehicles.
  • Our staff are fully trained on the latest health protocols, as set out by leading authorities like the WHO
  • Practices include wearing face masks at all times, regular handwashing, social distancing/isolation after contact with a COVID-19 patient/symptoms, no handshaking, or hugging.
  • All Field Guides receive ongoing basic medical training.
  • Daily temperature checks.
  • Incidents of high temperatures immediately directed to on-site medical officers.
  • All lodge Staff follow strict self-isolation protocols before returning for duty to ensure they are COVID-19 negative.
  • All Staff allowed back at work have been declared COVID-19 negative. Subject to government regulations.
  • All lodge Staff live on-site. No movement in outside communities allowed.
  • Strict hygiene protocols apply to all suppliers and deliveries.
  • All of Singita’s properties have strict protocols in place in the event of a guest falling ill or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 while at the lodge.
  • These protocols include isolation in guest suites, access to the on-site medical officer and incident management team, and emergency Medivac airlifts to the nearest pre-approved medical facility for treatment, should the need arise.
Singita Covid-19 Protocols

Regional Medical Support

  • Full on-site clinic, treatment rooms, laboratory and dispensary.
  • Clinic staff include paramedics, nurses, and laboratory technicians.
  • Advanced ambulance fitted with life-support equipment.
  • Medivac emergency airlift to nearby hospitals.
  • On-site clinic with fully trained, experienced nurse.
  • Twice-weekly paramedic visits.
  • Weekly visits by doctor.
  • Contracts with doctors in nearby Chiredzi.
  • Doctors on call for medical emergencies.
  • Medivac emergency airlift to nearby hospitals.
  • Akagera Aviation paramedic assistance on standby: 24/7 (road); during daylight (air).
  • Guests evacuated to hospital in Kigali in case of emergency.
  • Medivac emergency airlift to nearby hospitals.
  • On-site essential equipment, medication and first-aid skills supplied by Africa SAFE-T.
  • Supported by specialised remote medical consulting team.
  • Comprehensive incident management includes coordinating medical care, stabilising and lifesaving treatment.
  • Medivac emergency airlift to nearby hospitals
Singita Covid-19 Protocols

Third-parties and Transfers

Singita is working with all partner transport suppliers (air and ground) to ensure that appropriate hygiene and safety measures are implemented in line with Covid-19 protocols.

Our suppliers are following strict guidelines stipulated by the relevant regulatory bodies. The safety of our guests is our highest priority and all necessary safety and hygiene protocols are in place to welcome them back to our lodges and camps.

Some of these measures include protective wear for staff and guests, staff monitoring and testing, staff training on health and safety protocols, general hygiene and extensive sanitising practices on vehicles and aircraft, comprehensive cleaning after every use, and screening guests on arrival.