Serengeti Girls Run 2021

For the fourth consecutive year, we’re inviting runners of all levels to join a multi-stage, all-women run across the untouched wilderness areas of Singita Grumeti’s private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti, home to an abundance of wildlife and a unique ecosystem.

This exclusive, purpose-driven event forms part of Singita and the Grumeti Fund’s Safaris with a Purpose and will raise funds for empowerment programs for girls, including the provision of sanitary pads for one year and education scholarships.

The run involves a flexible, multi-stage distance of 21km per day.

Whether on foot or supporting the runners in the shadow vehicle, participants will also be able to engage with local girls and learn more about the Grumeti Fund’s work in the region. Every evening, guests are able to enjoy guided evening game drives that provide a front-row seat to this exclusive 350,000-acre protected reserve.

An inimitable opportunity to experience a Serengeti safari while contributing to the empowerment of girls in Africa.

On completion of the run, participants will have the option to learn more about the Grumeti Fund’s community and conservation programs, including a career fair for local high school girls, an option to visit the Anti-Poaching Canine Unit and take a tour of the new center for Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE).

Participants will have the privilege to return to the utmost comfort and luxury after each day’s run, while experiencing the quintessential elements of an idyllic tented safari under canvas.

With its intuitive simplicity and craftsmanship, décor that echoes the earthy colour palette of the bush, modern interpretations of campaign furniture evoking the timeless spirit of East African adventures, and the romance of a tented safari on the plains, it’s the perfect setting for this experience of a lifetime.

Your contribution will help fund the following empowerment initiatives for girls:

  • Scholarships for 80 local girls in secondary school, vocational studies and university
  • Empowerment events for 5,000 high school girls
  • One year worth of pads for 5,000 high school girls so that they can attend school with dignity and pride
  • Mentorship program Life skills training

“I am so excited to be returning for my second year of the Serengeti Girls Run. In just one week I made unbelievable friendships and bonds. It is truly a magical, powerful, and enlightening experience. Not only are participants making a difference for girls in Tanzania they are also making a difference for themselves. This will be a journey that you will never forget — for your mind, spirit, and body.”

- Mari Sinton-Martinez, 2019 & 2020 participant