Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges in South Africa’s Kruger National Park have teamed up with U.S-based Tesla Energy Products and SolarAfrica to continue ongoing sustainability and preservation initiatives, which are the cornerstone of how Singita runs its operations. From when Singita first opened Singita Lebombo Lodge and then Singita Sweni, until the overhaul of Singita Lebombo in 2016, Singita has sought to emphasize sustainability within this region, with initiatives including cutting edge design to ensure the lodge is touching the earth lightly. Singita Lebombo Lodge’s recent refurbishment is the extension of a long-term plan to be a part of protecting and preserving the 6.4 million-acre Kruger National Park.

Using Tesla’s Powerpack energy storage systems, the first of their kind to be paired with an off-grid site in Africa, Singita Kruger National Park is forecast to cut generator usage by as much as 70%. Tesla Powerpack is a large-scale rechargeable battery system.

Prior to Tesla’s involvement, Singita and SolarAfrica partnered in 2015 to commission a 385 kWp (kilowatt peak) hybrid solar power system. The kilowatt peak specifies the output of power achieved under full solar radiation. In this next phase, Singita has committed to more than doubling the system’s solar capacity with SolarAfrica’s solution, and Tesla’s Powerpacks will enable Singita and SolarAfrica to significantly increase the use of clean energy.

Tesla’s innovative technology maximizes the use of available solar energy generation, storing excess solar energy during the day to power the lodge when the sun is not shining.  Its scalable design can be configured in various arrangements and allows for expansion if necessary. To ensure uncompromised guest experiences, generators will have site controllers and remote monitoring, with the ability to switch off at specified times thereby reducing noise levels in the camp.

Singita is proud to play a role in the experimentation of this new, renewable energy storage.  As a group dedicated to preserving the environment, Singita’s lodges were designed and are operated to minimize the impact of tourism on the pristine wilderness of Kruger National Park. At Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges, regular, external environmental audits are in place to affirm a strict adherence to the best environmental practices. The Tesla Powerpack will be an integral addition to the conservation efforts of Singita properties.

The system will be a rare off-grid installation with 15 Powerpacks to effectively store 3150 kWh of energy, and fuel Singita’s mission to touch the earth as lightly as possible. Planned for commission in early 2017, the system is forecast to provide 1,600 MWhs (megawatt hours) of energy a year to power Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodge operations. To compare, 1 MWh is equivalent to the energy produced by 10 automobile engines. By trialing this technology, Singita hopes to accelerate the rollout of sustainable energy-use to the rest of the African continent and ultimately, aspires to a zero carbon footprint.

“We are pleased to be associated with an innovative company such as Tesla. Singita desires to be on the forefront of sustainable operations in the safari lodge industry, and collaborating with SolarAfrica and Tesla allows us to make a significant leap forward,” said Singita COO Mark Witney.

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Recently reinvented and reopened in the summer of 2016, Singita Lebombo Lodge has transformed to introduce a new wellness and holistic focus to the safari experience. In collaboration with award-winning chef Liam Tomlin, Singita Lebombo Lodge promises to design simplified menus based on fresh produce, bought from local communities where possible, to promote sustainability and leave as little room for waste as possible. New, nature-inspired developments have also been added to the lodge, including a private villa ideal for accommodating families or small groups traveling together.  Singita Lebombo’s recent refurbishment is the beginning of a long-term plan to aid in protecting and preserving the 6.4 million-acre Kruger National Park.  Singita Sweni Lodge is planned to undergo its next evolution early 2017.

An award-winning safari company with 12 lodges and camps across five regions of Africa, Singita works actively to protect and maintain land and its wildlife in its original state, to minimize the impacts of human intrusion.  It assists the people who live on the outskirts of its reserves in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, to understand the intrinsic value of these pristine areas and experience the benefits of preserving the land.  Singita’s vision is to share a unique part of the world while respecting the natural environment and challenging today’s notion of luxury.

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Singita, Tel: +27 21 683 3424,


Janalyn Theodosiou, Public Relations

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