What to see and do at Sasakwa Lodge


Fitness Centre at Sasakwa Lodge

If you feel like keeping up with your regular training schedule, the fitness centre at Sasakwa Lodge has everything you need for a pre or post-safari training session.

The language at Sasakwa is pure elegance. This theme is carried through to the fitness centre. The contrast of wooden windows framing beautiful bush scenes is juxtaposed by ultra-modern exercise facilities and equipment, free weights, elliptical machines, and treadmills.

The centre is yours to enjoy and work out at your own pace. For those seeking guided fitness sessions, Pilates, or a workout with resistance bands - we offer innovative personal training equipment that does all three, with ample space for stretching before or after your workout.

Whether you are doing cardio or strengthening your core – keep a firm eye on the horizon, you never know whether you might spot a giraffe, wildebeest or a herd of antelope in-between a few sets.

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