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Yoga at Mara River Tented Camp

'Wholeness' looks at wellness through a multifaceted lens – considering nourishing food, restorative treatments, and enriching experiences.

As a part of Singita's dedication to providing a wholeness experience, you will find a yoga mat in your suite as well as a card to guide you through a relaxing sequence in the privacy of your room or on your private deck. All our lodges also offer Vinyasa and Yin yoga practices with trained practitioners – simply ask our front-of-house staff to check availability, then book and join a session.

Known for seamlessly synchronising movement with breath, Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga that moves from one posture to the next using muscular engagement. Yin is a meditative practice focusing on passive, long-held poses – often with the support of props like blocks and bolsters. It helps to improve flexibility, reduce stress, quieten the mind and foster mindfulness.

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