What to see and do at Lebombo Lodge


Swimming Pool at Lebombo Lodge

Lebombo lodge has a wonderful light-hearted energy. There’s always a sense of fun in the air, and the pool area is the pièce de resistance of this enigmatic property. There are two long pools, beautifully juxtaposed – the blueness of the water matched to clear blue skies in delicious contrast to the muddy earthy tones below where the N’wanetsi river flows and the euphorbia trees stand tall.

Lebombo has two distinct moods – by day the pools beckon guests to celebrate the gorgeous weather on the wide wooden decks with an array of canvas deckchairs and loungers, shielded from the sunshine by wide umbrellas to break the harsh heat of the day.

Order a drink and enjoy time out around the pool, or do a few laps – followed by a delicious lunch as you ponder just what you may see on the next game drive – until a herd of elephant appear centre stage as they navigate their way to the river’s edge to take a long drink of water.

By night, the pool area is transformed by lights and lanterns, providing a beautiful setting to enjoy a meal under African skies.

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