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Guided Safari Walks at Explore

Walking safaris in the Grumeti Reserve give guests the opportunity to get to know the landscape from a different angle. Moving quietly through the vast plains and grasslands on foot, one begins to understand the immensity of the landscape from a ground-up point of view. Tuning in all the senses is part of the experience, and our skilled field guides and trackers are happy to share their wealth of information about the wildlife, diverse terrain and incredible variety of habitats that make up the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem.

Learn more about tracking wildlife and how to interpret the fascinating tell-tale signs and signals animals leave behind. Moving away from the well-beaten tracks familiar to game drive vehicles, walking safaris give one a sense of freedom to explore the dynamic natural world at a leisurely pace.

We suggest a minimum age of 16 years for this activity, but participation is at the discretion of the Field Guide.

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