Rehabilitation & Rewilding of Rhino Orphans

One rhino orphan’s remarkable journey

The Greater Kruger National Park region in South Africa is currently at the epicentre of the rampant and relentless scourge of poaching. as organised crime syndicates keep changing and intensifying their tactics. Singita and various conservation partners have been actively involved in rhino conservation and protection for the past 30 years, and in supporting the Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT), we remain steadfast to ensure the survival of the species.

Regional efforts include re-introductions, translocations, rewilding across the region, and more.

The remarkable rescue operation of Mavic – a rhino calf orphaned in a tragic poaching incident in August 2022 – put a renewed spotlight on the urgency to ensure their future; and his journey of rehabilitation and rewilding is a testimony to the dedication of those who work tirelessly to achieve that goal. As part of its ongoing commitment to conservation and Annual Sponsorship Agreement with the Care for Wild – the world’s largest rhino orphan sanctuary, which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of rhinos orphaned by poaching – the SLT is covering the cost of care to support Mavic’s first year of rehabilitation. This includes everything from milk/feed, veterinary costs, as well as staffing expenses.

The aim is to grow the sponsorship and not only see Mavic’s rehabilitation through to his eventual release into the wild, but also support the rehabilitation and rewilding of other rhino orphans as they become part of the survival of the species. Mavic’s recovery illustrates how change is possible when those at the forefront of conservation are empowered to dedicate their passion and energy to taking care of Africa’s vulnerable species.

It’s therefore crucial to keep supporting them in their work, and you too can become part of the positive wave of change.

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Rehabilitation & Rewilding of Rhino Orphans


Conservation Partner

Singita Lowveld Trust

In South Africa, the Singita Lowveld Trust manages a wide range of conservation projects in Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park – from anti-poaching initiatives to wildlife research & land management, sustainability efforts and community partnership projects such as early childhood development, digital learning and a world-class culinary school.

A highly skilled team of tracking dogs and handlers enhance anti-poaching efforts in the Sabi Sand Reserve, while the Trust’s partnership with the global conservation NGO Panthera has shown that the area is home to the largest density of leopards of any protected area surveyed in South Africa. The Panthera’s Furs for Life project – of which Singita is a partner – has reduced the demand for leopard skins by 50%.

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