Singita Conservation Foundation

a key part of our far-reaching 100-year conservation vision

Since opening its first lodge on the banks of the Sand River in 1993

Singita has been a small family business that has set out to make a meaningful difference – from preserving and protecting Africa’s natural legacy to ensuring a sustainable and bright future for the continent.

It's a story that started with our Founder, Luke Bailes, and his heartfelt desire to shift the needle for good. His unwavering devotion to the preservation of Africa’s natural beauty; its positive energy & potential; and to the unique warmth, positivity and kindness of its people is at the heart of the passion and purpose that still drives our business to this day.

The Fund was established especially to facilitate those who feel passionate about becoming part of our journey,

and individuals who are driven to help make a difference through wide-scale projects that continuously safeguard Africa’s precious legacy. It offers the unique and important benefit of long-term sustainability and funding security, because unlike once-off donations – which are always gratefully deployed, but generally limited to projects requiring once-off spending – it will ensure the consistent annual cashflow streams needed to fund projects that require ongoing support.

Our shared love for the continent

and its vast and inimitable beauty connects us in unique ways to nature, ourselves and each other. These projects allow us to continue fulfilling our joint sense of purpose as we keep making a real and lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities; in various countries and remote wildernesses; and in
preserving Africa’s magnificent wildlife species for future generations.

The Singita Conservation Foundation

  • Bequests to the Foundation will be invested into an Endowment Fund. These donations will be retained and invested, and returns deployed annually.
  • Established to facilitate those who want to help leave a lasting legacy through dedicated bequests and large donations, the Foundation is administered by the Foundation de Luxembourg
  • Key projects and programmes supported and funded through annual returns include:
    • not-for-profit Trusts and Funds who maintain, manage and support nature conservation areas
    • and the upliftment of rural communities alongside these areas  – through education, environmental awareness, skills development, enterprise development and job creation programmes
    • conservation
    • scientific research contributing towards the better management of conservation areas and wildlife
    • anti-poaching initiatives

“To preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations”

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