Singita Boutique & Gallery

a key part of our far-reaching 100-year conservation vision

Singita’s Boutique & Gallery puts a spotlight on Africa’s creative energy

For the past three decades, high-end design and effortless safari style have been trademarks of Singita’s tailormade guest experience.

Our Boutique & Gallery spaces give travellers the opportunity to source unique décor elements, exceptional African artefacts and jewellery, the most sought after contemporary African art, and more – all in beautiful boutique and art gallery settings.

Every piece and collectible serves not only to remind guests of their stay at Singita, but also adds stylish African touches to their homes and wardrobes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Singita Boutique & Gallery on your next visit to our lodges.

A meaningful contribution and purposeful connections

Our firm roots in Africa have always informed our vision for the future – and we’re continuously inspired by the creativity and innovation that keeps emanating from the continent. We celebrate its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and its people – as well as the wonderful stories and experiences that have shaped who they are.

At Singita, we have always represented artists from across the continent, and their work provides beautiful links between the history, culture and wildlife of each region.

One of the highlights of the past two years has been the opening of dedicated gallery spaces at both the Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park Boutique & Gallery. Here, exceptional African artworks are showcased in curated collections that are updated regularly, with each of them embodying the highly sought-after talent, boundless creative energy, and inspiring cultural dynamism that emanates from Africa.

In line with our long-term commitment to see communities thrive, a percentage of the proceeds of sales will be used to promote entrepreneurship and support small and medium-sized local enterprises.

This concept allows guests to acquire coveted works by some of Africa's most renowned artists, while also contributing significantly toward the development of rising talent, and in turn giving back to conservation at Singita, through a percentage of the sales which are donated to our non-profit Funds & Trusts.

Collaborating for Conservation

A pivotal part of Singita's new gallery concept is to partner with studios, galleries and curators who are equally passionate about promoting and developing the continent's creative excellence. As the first in our Artist Residency programme, a collaboration with Ardmore at Singita Sabi Sand allowed artists to spend time at our properties and create unique pieces inspired by the wilderness and wildlife.

The programme circles back to our overarching conservation purpose, with all proceeds going to the Singita Lowveld Trust - who helps to safeguard Africa's wildlife, and builds enduring partnerships with neighbouring communities.

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Latest News: Thebe Magugu and Singita

A Collaboration of High Design and Heritage

Singita and internationally acclaimed designer Thebe Magugu have embarked on a collaborative journey to showcase nine extraordinary high-fashion pieces, celebrating Africa's rich heritage stories through illustrations of Mother and Child by Phathu Nembilwi.

The link between Singita's 100-year purpose, and Thebe Magugu’s ‘Heritage Series’, is a like-minded commitment to the preservation and protection of Africa's most valuable assets.

Thebe Magugu’s remarkable and dynamic pieces are available for purchase at Singita’s properties in South Africa – both Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park, in the lodges’ Boutique & Gallery spaces.

“To preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations”

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