Paulo Kivuyo
Field Guide

Paulo Kivuyo

Born and raised in northern Tanzania, where daily animal activity was the norm, Paula Kivuyo grew up accustomed to the wildlife  that would frequent his family farm. While the vervet monkeys and baboons were regular visitors, it was the birds that captured Paulo’s heart. Watching them eat the sunflower crops, he was amazed at their skill and grace and, wanting to learn more about their behaviour, he began to record every single bird he saw (he’s sighted 730 species of birds so far - about 64% of the species found in Tanzania).

A drive to teach other people what he’d learnt through his own volition steered Paulo towards guiding – as a means to better interpret their behaviour, share and impart his knowledge and be closer to nature. From then he went on to work as a guide professionally from 2018, spending time at Rubondo Island Camp working in close proximity to the chimpanzees – an experience he deeply valued. Joining the guiding team at Singita Grumeti in 2021 as a trainee guide, he’s looking forward to expanding his experience in the ‘most beautiful office in the world’.

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