Senior Field Guide
Sabi Sand

Marc Eschenlohr

Marc was born in 1975 in The Gambia, West Africa. In his own words published on his photographic blog, “Life is nothing more than an extraordinary journey of your senses”, a saying he has certainly lived up to after graduating from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Tropical Environmental Science by travelling through sub-Saharan Africa, visiting over 14 countries and even venturing further to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

He has an aptitude for languages (bilingual in English and French with a good command of Spanish) and an absolute passion for guiding, photography, travelling, exploring and discovering new wildlife hotspots. As a fun-loving professional guide with a FGASA Level 3 guide qualification and 14 years’ experience (12 at Singita), his dream is still to inspire people with the beauty of Africa and to continue to contribute to the protection of our natural world.

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