Field Guide

Gadmel S. Kimaro

Born in 1967, Gadmel grew up at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro. His uncle, a tour guide, enthralled him with tales of adventure in the bush which inspired him to study at Mount Meru Tour Guide College. Gadmel worked at several National Parks in Tanzania
and obtained his FGASA Level 1 in 2015.

He recalls seeing 2 male lions attack and chase a leopard into a tree – and steal its kill. Although not known to be tree-climbers, one lion managed to get onto the lower branches after several attempts. The buck was higher up, out of its reach, but the cat’s persistence paid off. He eventually hooked the carcass which dropped to the ground where the other male ran off with
it. The lion struggled to get out of the tall tree, finally jumping approximately 5 meters down and unfortunately breaking his leg as he landed.

Stories by Gadmel S. Kimaro