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Singita Introduces New Technology to Support Established Anti-Poaching Strategy

20 March 2017 – Singita, in partnership with the Grumeti Fund, is leading the way in conservation with the introduction of new innovative technologies to support already successful anti-poaching ground forces, which heralds a new era of tactics geared toward reducing wildlife poaching.

Together Singita and the Fund have dedicated close to 40 years aiming to preserve and rejuvenate a large area of the Serengeti eco-system, as uncontrolled hunting and rampant poaching had decimated local wildlife populations. Today, lush grasslands and healthy herds of migrating and resident wildlife pass through and reside in the 350,000-acre concession on the western corridor of the Serengeti.

Singita works with government, local communities and other stakeholders on various conservation projects, ranging from the re-introduction of critically endangered animal species such as the Eastern Black Rhino, to managing wildfires, and reducing the impact of invasive alien plant species through a rigorous habitat recovery strategy.

In continuation of these efforts, new technology has recently been introduced to the program to support an already effective “boots on the ground” strategy. As conservation becomes more critical and more dangerous, the role that the anti-poaching team plays is becoming more technical, and having a well-equipped and supported team of scouts on the ground is essential to the ongoing protection of the land.

The introduction of a new Domain Awareness System (DAS), will create the opportunity to streamline information on snares, fires, poaching camps, charcoal and illegal cattle. This will allow the Scout Force to be proactive in planning and efficient in responding to any situation that may arise.

In line with the new DAS, drones and Reconex cameras are also being introduced to assist in locating wildlife not easily visible by helicopter. The cameras will be placed in areas where trespassers often walk and would signal anyone coming through without permission. In addition to supporting the Scout Forces, the new technology is imperative to their safety.

The Scout Force is made up of 145 Law Enforcement/Anti-Poaching Staff and 110 Game Scouts, with 78 Scouts on the ground at any given time. The Special Operations Group (SOG) is made up of 16 of the very best scouts, selected through a specialized course. Their primary role is to conduct operations based on reports from incoming intelligence through an informer network. This team plays an integral role in ensuring that the entry of poachers is blocked and any other threats to the precious wildlife that Singita has dedicated years to restoring.

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Singita is a conservation company preserving African wilderness for the past two decades. Through an exceptional safari experience with 12 award-winning lodges and camps across South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Singita is able to partially fund the protection and preservation pristine land and existing wildlife populations, not to mention help create economic independence within local communities surrounding the reserves.

Travellers choose to stay at Singita because of the expansive space and beauty of the reserves, limited guest and vehicle numbers, extraordinarily consistent game viewing and the exceptional care that is taken of each guest during their stay. Guests leave a Singita safari being transformed for a lifetime and having made a contribution to the legacy of Africa.

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