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Singita Celebrates 25 Years of Balancing Hospitality with Conservation

For a quarter of a century, Singita has been welcoming travellers to Africa, offering them a transformational experience with the land, wildlife and community to which it owes its livelihood. The experience is one that profoundly shifts a traveller’s perspective on the world and themselves.

Singita, meaning “place of miracles” first put down its roots with the opening of Singita Ebony Lodge in 1993. It would become the first of 12 environmentally sensitive properties dotted across Africa, forming the heartbeat of the company’s conservation vision. Each lodge offers an exceptional hospitality experience with the game drives and other activities, as well as each guest having the opportunity to contribute to saving the legacy of Africa and its untouched wilderness spaces. Singita’s lodges can be found in five regions cross three countries: South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. On the horizon, Singita is taking its conservation footprint and extending it to Rwanda, where the company will open its brand new Kwitonda Lodge, on the edge of Volcanoes National Park.

Each Singita lodge is built with Singita’s 100-year purpose in mind: to preserve and protect large areas of rare and iconic African wilderness for future generations. “Africa’s population is growing rapidly and placing more and more pressure on pristine areas. It is because this is

happening so quickly and before our eyes, that we have no option but to move ever more swiftly. Many areas will be denuded over the next years, so much so that it will be irreparable if we do not act” states Singita founder, Luke Bailes.

In 25 years, Singita has seen a number of key conservation and sustainability successes including working with Tesla to bring cutting edge solar storage technology to Africa, the introduction of anti-poaching canine units and the growth of the Singita Community Culinary School (formally the Singita School of Cooking). Leading the 100-year plan for sustainability is Conservation CEO Mark Witney, who says “25 years ago I joined Luke Bailes to start Singita’s first lodge in the Sabi Sand. I have always enjoyed the hospitality element of the business and my five years at the property interacting with guests as manager and guide were immensely rewarding. But my real passion for this business always was conservation driven by my deep respect for the complex interconnectedness of the natural world. Today I look back with great pride at what has been achieved - the respected, trusted brand that Singita has become and over half a million acres over four countries under our conservation stewardship.”

Building on the successes of the programs Singita put into place, the company recently introduced a series of ‘Safaris with a Purpose’ with the focus of bringing guests deeper into the world of conservation. The Elephant Collaring experience, where guests can take part in research activities to help protect elephants saw great success in February 2018 and will continue in September this year. In October 2018, the Singita Grumeti Fund, along with nonprofit partner organisation BRAVE, is introducing an all-woman, five-day journey across areas of the Serengeti to raise funds for girls and women’s empowerment programmes in local communities.

Singita’s extension into Rwanda will set a new precedent in the realm of conservation for the small, beautiful country, where more than one third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live. By working closely with the Rwandan government, Singita Kwitonda Lodge’s

presence (opening August 2019) will operate in line with the company’s vision to build sustainable revenue streams to fund the preservation of African wilderness for years to come. Singita’s heritage as an African company fuels its heartfelt desire to protect the continent’s most imperiled landscapes, and Rwanda is a necessary step in the right direction.

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Singita is a conservation company that has been preserving African wilderness for the past 25 years, offering an exceptional safari experience with 12 luxury, award-winning lodges and camps across 5 regions in Africa. In partnership with non-profit funds and trusts who implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita is preserving and protecting pristine land and wildlife populations and helping to create economic independence within local communities surrounding the reserves.

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