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Guests involved in elephant collaring as part of a unique, conservation safari experience - Singita Grumeti, Tanzania

  • Guests will be directly involved in an exciting new research project pioneered by the Grumeti Fund, February 2018
  • 10 – 12 elephants will be collared as part of important research that aims to gain a better understanding of animal movement in and around Singita Grumeti


Visitors to the 350,000-acre private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti will be surrounded by lush grasslands and healthy herds of migrating wildlife. The Grumeti Fund has been pivotal in ensuring this strong ecosystem is sustained, allowing nature to flourish and creating one of the best locations of game viewing on earth. The Fund’s dedication to conservaton, anti-poaching, law enforcement, research, community partnerships and sustainability in the area has had a huge impact in the years since its establishment. Overall there has been a four-fold increase in wildlife on the concession since 2003. There have been over 100 poachers converted to game scouts and more than 1,700 students have attended the Environmental Education Centre founded by the Singita Grumeti Fund.

In 2018, Singita will launch an opportunity for guests to participate in a one-of-a-kind conservation safari experience, whilst staying at Singita’s superb lodges in the Serengeti. Privately hosted by Stephen Cunliffe, Executive Director of the Singita Grumeti Fund, guests will be introduced to the newest research project that will involve collaring 10 to 12 elephants with GPS-enabled satellite collars, with the objective being to identify habitual crop raiders. Guests will most likely only participate in one or two of the actual collarings due to the complex nature of each individual collaring. This is a valuable project due to the high incidence of human wildlife conflict within this region, especially with elephants wandering off the game reserves and into community areas, mostly during crop ripening and harvest season. Data from the research will be used to enhance the team’s capacity to prevent human fatalities and minimize damage that elephants are causing to crops in the community areas. Equipped with timely information on elephant movement patterns, managers can better anticipate likely conflict hotspots and thus efficiently channel the few mitigation resources available for controlling crop-raiding elephants. Ultimately the goal is to garner positive relationships with community members in order to partner together for sustainable conservation in the Serengeti.

Limited to just one departure date in late February 2018, this highly exclusive experience will combine conservation with the very best safari accommodation in Tanzania with three nights at Singita Sasakwa Lodge, an Edwardian-style manor overlooking the plains and three nights at Singita Sabora Tented Camp, a 1920’s inspired vintage explorer’s camp.

Guests will be asked to make a $150,000 donation for the group (irrespective of the number in the group) as part of this once-in-a-lifetime safari to directly contribute to funding some of Singita’s most impactful and successful community and conservation projects. A portion of your donation will go toward offsetting the cost of the collaring project. The other portion will help to support Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation and the establishment of an important and dedicated unit in the field.


Following days spent in the field and on game drives, guests will be treated to Singita’s signature lodges in the Grumeti Reserves. The view from Singita Sasakwa’s veranda is almost endless over the majestic Serengeti plains below. A sense of grandeur is woven throughout the turn-of-the-century manor house and private cottages through a blend of authentic European style and East African influences. From this superb vantage point, one can become absorbed in the marvel of an abundance of wildlife, including the annual migration of zebra and wildebeest, widely known as the greatest natural spectacle on earth. In contrast, Singita Sabora Tented Camp is situated in an untouched wilderness area of Grumeti Reserves. The intimate 1920s-style explorer’s camp is steeped in character, surprising guests with an opulence that is delightfully out-of-place with the rugged terrain of the surrounding savannah plains.

Rates from $7370 per person (accommodation only, no levies or taxes included), plus a contribution of $150,000 for the group to support Singita’s community, wildlife and conservation programmes. Includes 6 nights full board accommodation at Singita Sasakwa Lodge and Sabora Tented Camp. Also included daily game drives, walking, cycling, all meals and beverages, involvement in the elephant collaring project and exclusive access to the director of the Singita Grumeti Fund and exposure to various conservation initiatives. Participation in other activities: participate in a training session with the brand new canine unit, visit the anti-poaching headquarters, head out on patrol with game scouts, visits to the Environmental Education Centre and Singita Serengeti School of Cooking.

Based on one set departure date for a minimum of 2 people based on a maximum group of 6 guests: 28 February – 3 March 2018 (departure 4 March).

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Singita is a conservation company. We’ve been preserving African wilderness for the past 2 decades. Through an award-winning safari experience with 12 unique lodges and camps across South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Singita is able to partially fund the protection and preservation of almost 1 million acres of pristine land and existing wildlife populations, not to mention help empower communities on the outskirts of the reserves. Travellers choose to stay at Singita because of the expansive space of the reserves and small guest and vehicle numbers, in addition to the exceptional care during each stay. Guests leave a Singita safari being transformed for a lifetime.

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