March 2024

Singita Grumeti & Lamai


Singita Grumeti & Lamai: March 2024

March arrived with continued rains, however, after the first week a sudden change in the weather brought very dry conditions. The temperatures soared into the high thirties and a dry easterly wind began to blow.

Consequently, we have seen the grasslands drying out incredibly quickly. Fires began to burn on both the eastern and southern boundaries, keeping our efficient fire management teams on their toes!

The Grumeti River has dropped right down now to a shallow flow with beautiful white sandy beaches exposed. There have been some very large herds of zebra and topi were seen moving onto the western plains, a true sign that even the wettest reaches of the reserve are too beginning to dry.

A sightings snapshot for March follows:


  • Life has been hard for our lions these last months. Limited hunting opportunities makes things incredibly tough for the resident prides, and the Butamtam Pride have lost youngsters this year due to the challenges.
  • Both Ridge and West Prides continue to do well. We believe their skills in bringing down buffalo exceed those of the Butamtam and so both lions and lionesses are able to provide enough food for the pride.
  • 15 members of the Nyasirori Pride were seen on a buffalo kill just west of Sabora.
  • A mating pair were seen south of Serengeti Hill.
  • 7 members of the West Pride were seen on the Raho drainage, close to Nyuki BB site.
  • 4 sub-adult lions were seen at West Link Crossing.
  • 13 members of the Butamtam Pride were seen just south of OP 7.
  • 6 Nyasirori lionesses were seen on the Nyasirori Dam drainage line.
  • Four members of the Mkuyu Pride were seen just north of Faru Faru Lodge.
  • Three mature lions were seen on the Mbogo drainage, just north of Faru Faru Lodge.
  • Two mating pairs of the Butamtam Pride were seen active on the Nyati plains.
  • 16 members of the Butamtam had shifted from Nyati to Arab Camp Hill and were seen close to Arab Camp thicket.
  • 18 members of the Butamtam Pride were seen on their only buffalo kill for the month.
  • 9 members of the West Pride were seen on a buffalo kill close to Marula Explore.
  • A lioness was seen on Sasakwa Hill with three very small cubs of only eight weeks old.


  • We have had some great sightings of leopards this month.
  • The Mbogo female continues to do well with her two young cubs. She is still located on the Mbogo drainage but has changed her hiding place for the cubs on two occasions.
  • We have learnt this month that we have another mother leopard again with two cubs, here on Sasakwa Hill.
  • We have had some nice early morning sightings of the large Sasakwa male leopard. This cat is always impressive to see.
  • A male leopard was seen on the Manangai drainage in the middle of the month.
  • A male was seen in a sausage tree on the Grumeti West Road.
  • A lovely male leopard was seen with a female ostrich kill hoisted into a desert date tree, just west of Sabora.
  • A shy female was seen close to Mbuni Hill on the Grumeti River Road.


  • With the burst in dryer conditions, we have seen a small spike in cheetah activity in the central regions.
  • As some of their favoured prey species make an appearance once again we have had a couple of individuals popping up here and there.
  • A male cheetah was seen hunting impala at the base of Pundamilia Hill.
  • A lactating female cheetah was seen close to Serengeti Hill.
  • A female cheetah was seen hunting Thompson’s gazelles on the Nyasirori high ground.
  • Another female was seen at the Boundary Pan.


  • Fantastic elephant numbers continue to be observed across the reserve this month.
  • Some impressive aggregations on the Sasakwa plains.
  • Large bulls were seen following matriarchal herds, tasting the air in search of receptive females.
  • Breeding herds descend on Sasakwa Dam as other water sources dry out.
  • Elephants have been frequenting Sasakwa Hill during the night to feed.
  • Great sightings of large bulls walking the open plains are always impressive.
  • Many breeding herds utilising the woodlands between Sabora and Marula Explore.


  • Huge herds of buffalo spotted on both the Sasakwa plains and the Nyati high ground.
  • The large herds, under pressure from the lions and hyena during the night, can shift considerable distances.
  • Fantastic buffalo bull numbers on the Rubana drainage and the Grumeti River Road.
  • A herd of 700 strong were seen out on the Gambaranyera plain.
  • A herd of 500 were seen on the Kawanga plain.
  • Good buffalo numbers were seen on the Sabora plains north of Sabora.
  • A herd of 16 buffalo bulls were seen at a large wallow on the Boundary Pan drainage.


  • All rhino are accounted for. The animals are fit and well.
  • The Rhino IPZ has been burnt this month allowing for continued safety from encroaching fires from other areas. Visibility has improved vastly and sightings occur often.
  • Free-roaming rhinos within the greater ecosystem continue to do well.
  • Calves are fit and strong