February 2024

Singita Grumeti & Lamai


Singita Grumeti & Lamai: February 2024

February has been an interesting month as we see conditions begin to dry out just a little. Large numbers of zebra begin to skirt the southern boundary of the reserve and the lion prides drift impatiently closer to the herds. The Grumeti River has been up and down throughout the month with some heavy rainfall further up the catchment. After a brief week without rain, the wet conditions resumed by the end of the month as the life-giving rains blew in once again.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for February:


  • Both Butamtam and Nyasirori Prides have been offering awesome sightings this month.
  • Nyasirori lionesses were seen on the Rahu drainage lying in a sausage tree.
  • Two lionesses were seen along Boundary Pan drainage.
  • Seven adult lionesses from the Butamtam Pride seen with six youngsters, south side of OP 7.
  • Two large male lions seen close to the Sabora access.
  • Two Nyasirori lionesses seen lying in a sausage tree close to the Nyasirori ranger post.
  • Three sub-adult male lions seen on the Nyasirori high ground.
  • Three members of the Mkuyu Pride seen close to the Faru access.
  • Five members of the Mkuyu Pride seen on a buffalo kill on the River Road, downstream of Faru Faru Lodge.
  • Four sub-adult lionesses seen feeding on a topi kill on the Nyasirori high ground.
  • Nyasirori Pride members seen feeding on a porcupine kill just south of Sabora Camp.


  • Some wonderful leopard sightings this month, including a mother with two very young cubs on the Mbogo drainage.
  • These two youngsters are no more than eight weeks old. Mother is keeping them well hidden in a thicket at the base of a large tamarind tree.
  • A male leopard was seen on the Old Ikoma Road with an impala kill.
  • A leopardess seen on the Faru access, just north of the lodge.
  • A shy male seen in a sausage tree on the Sabora drainage.
  • A shy male seen on the Nyati road.
  • A fleeting view of a young male just east of Arab Camp Hill. The animal dashed across the road and disappeared into long grass.
  • The Nyasirori Dam male was seen in a desert date tree.
  • The large Grumeti North male was seen on Sand Road.
  • The Faru female was seen again on the rocky outcrops just north of Faru Lodge.
  • A young male seen at the balloon launch site with a warthog piglet kill.
  • The Ridge Hill female seen close to the Ridge Hill sundowner spot.


  • There have been some lovely sightings of a female cheetah on the Nyasirori high ground this February. The same female was seen hunting close to the Nyasirori Dam drainage line.
  • A male cheetah was seen just south of the WD waterhole.
  • A single female seen south of the Nyasirori ranger post.
  • The Nyasirori female cheetah successfully brought down a Thompsons gazelle close to the Nyasirori Dam.
  • An adult female seen next to Sabora drainage, just south of the Sabora Camp.


  • Some fantastic elephant numbers observed on the reserve this month.
  • Large numbers of elephants moving through the western/central regions.
  • Aggregations of 70+ individuals seen just to the west of Sabora Camp.
  • A large single bull seen out on the Sasakwa plain.
  • A herd of 50 individuals seen on the Grumeti North drainage.
  • A herd of ten seen on the Manangai drainage.
  • 60 individuals seen on the Mbogo drainage.
  • 70 individuals seen together close to Sasakwa Dam.
  • Two large bulls seen close to West Link Crossing.
  • 100 individuals seen in and around Koroya Hill one afternoon.


  • Buffalo herds are impressive as always.
  • Some local movements within the herds due to the wet weather, with some herds joining together on the Sasakwa plains.
  • Buffalo bulls have been active on Sasakwa Hill, often grazing down between the houses during the night.
  • Large herds have been observed in the west and close to Sabora Camp.
  • Some huge herds seen on the Rhino Rocks Road.
  • The buffalo have been uneasy with lions hassling them constantly this month.


  • The rhinos in the IPZ are fit and strong and continue to do very well.
  • All other rhinos within the ecosystem are accounted for and healthy.
  • The young rhinos continue to move from strength to strength and are looking in very good condition.

Other interesting sightings

  • A caracal was seen on the Fort Ikoma Road with two kittens one evening, during the middle of the month.
  • A serval was seen on the Sand Road. The animal was mobile, walking in a westerly direction.
  • Great numbers of zebra moving through the Nyasirori high ground area.
  • Generally, giraffe numbers have been brilliant this month!
  • Porcupines have been active in the cave on Sasakwa Hill.