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After sunset – the magic of twilight in the bush

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After sunset – the magic of twilight in the bush

There’s something about the end of the day, as the sun starts to dip, when a magical atmosphere descends over the bush. The light softens to a golden glow, scents and sounds seem to amplify and the landscape comes to life.

In addition to the gentle mood of this time of day, it is often also the best time to observe wildlife in all its forms. As the heat dissipates, many birds and animals (large and small) who have sheltered out of sight, gradually emerge – to drink, graze or hunt.

As the sun sets, many species begin to emerge, and embark on their evening routines, making dusk one of the best times to watch wildlife

Sundowners in nature

Not just in nature, but on safari too, each time of day has its own rhythms and rituals – in step with nature itself. Traditions that sign post different points of the day. Morning coffee or meditation as the sun rises, siesta and rest while it's at its hottest overhead, and at dusk, one of the best beloved – the safari sundowner. A moment to enjoy your surroundings on evening drive, and reflect on the day as it starts to wind down.

Our Field Guides – whose intimate knowledge of our reserves means they know all the most scenic and special places – will select a spot with a beautiful outlook, and here they set up one of the most atmospheric moments of a game drive, the drinks stop.

A ritual built around connection – it’s a chance to take a moment while the engine is off and the vehicle is stationery, to enjoy the quiet of the bush, the company of your companions, debrief on the day's sightings, and sip on a G&T or glass of wine, soaking in the beauty of nature around you.

The sundowner stop is a moment to soak in the golden light, enjoy the sounds of the bush around you and the company of your companions

Different settings, same magic

All our lodges have their own special beauty – unique landscapes and terrain – and spaces to take in and absorb your surroundings and witness nature in all its glory, from sunrise to sunset.

Vantage points – perched high with panoramic views, low on the plains immersed in the vegetation, or among the trees with a river view – offer different ways to enjoy being in the elements. Whether watching giraffe and elephant, unusually tiny and moving across your sightline from the lawns at Singita Sasakwa and the pool at Faru Faru as the clouds turns to candyfloss, or a listening to the hippos form your deck at Singita Lebombo, the changing sky reflected in the river, each is equally restorative and memorable.

The myriad meditative and picturesque spaces across our properties celebrate the unmatched scenery surrounding them

The ritual of fireside conversations

As you arrive back at the lodge in the early evening, and dark starts to gather, enjoy the gentle hum of activity while our bartenders chat to guests and make drinks and lanterns are lit along paths and in trees, while groups chat quietly around a crackling fire before dinner.

A chance to decompress and reflect on a busy and engaging day, the fireside ritual – sitting watching the flames as the sky turns slowly indigo – is one of the most central to the spirit of safari. Ancient and intertwined with the primal nature of being at one with the elements.

As you return back home to the lodge in the early evening, enjoy the gentle hum of activity and glow of the lanterns being lit

Surrender to the rhythm of nature at Singita

Whichever of our lodges and camps you visit, the experience of being surrounded by unspoilt nature will form the heart of your experience, and your days will be gently guided by the natural flow of the day’s own rhythm. Speak to one of our travel team to plan your escape to the wilderness.

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