December 2023

Telling Singita Malilangwe's story – our new Conservation Room in Zimbabwe

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Telling Singita Malilangwe's story – our new Conservation Room in Zimbabwe

Working alongside the Malilangwe Trust, our non-profit partner in Zimbabwe, its far-reaching conservation goals guide all we do here. But more than this, they also inform the experience our guests have when visiting our property in this beautiful country, and we take great pride in sharing our passion for preserving the wilderness with visitors.

In our lodges too, we want guests to be able to learn more about the places they find themselves in – what makes them special and how we came to be here. Dedicated Conservation Rooms across our properties (with the first created at Singita Volcanoes National Park) are designed to do just that – guide guests through the unique landscapes and tell the stories of each region.

A sensory and visual journey, they map out the history and culture of each place, our own history here and some of the work we have done over the years, to make conservation tangible. So that, far from a remote concept, it’s something guests can see and appreciate firsthand.

The Conservation Rooms at our properties are designed to tell the stories of each lodge and location – to give guests a richer experience of their surroundings

Learning from your environment

The Conservation Rooms are spaces to which guests can retreat to read, think and reflect. All around the rooms you’ll find information and objects that relate to that specific property, landscape and lodge, aimed at giving guests a better understanding of different aspects of their surroundings, as well as books and artefacts from the area.

To create the richly layered content that adorns the walls of our Conservation Rooms is an intricate process that involves pulling together a lot of information, often over many years, together with imagery, maps and archival content. Telling the story of the landscape – its history, the flora and fauna, our various projects in the region and why they matter – is an important of preserving our history.

At Singita Pamushana, our design teams, together with The Malilangwe Trust, worked to make some of the more scientific information visual and accessible, highlighting successes and key moments along the way so that guests can share in the journey visually.

The carefully curated images, maps, artefacts and photographs in our Conservation Rooms take guests on a fascinating visual and multimedia journey through each region

Nature’s classroom extended

The most recent of our lodges to have a Conservation Room created is Singita Pamushana in the Malilangwe Reserve. This lodge in particular, and its neighbouring villa, Malilangwe House, has a rich natural and cultural history, which made depicting its history – and present – all the more rewarding.

Singita Malilangwe lends itself to adventure and a truly unique experience of the wilderness. Its remote location, the proximity of the Malilangwe Dam, and archaeological features here (ancient rock paintings are one of the amazing historical inheritances of the property), offer an all-encompassing immersion into the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Singita Malilangwe offers a uniquely immersive experience of nature – one that guests of all ages will gain much from

A perfect space for family to gather

Every one of our lodges encourages a respect and awe of the wilderness in guests of all ages, and in our younger visitors we hope to build the next generation of nature lovers.

Singita Malilangwe is an ideal space for intimate and memorable family gatherings, to mark milestones or simply to spend time in each other’s company. Having a rich and rewarding wilderness experience and leaving with a deeper appreciation of nature having spent time with loved ones means that a stay here will leave even more indelible an impression long after your departure.

To find out more about the magnificent Singita Malilangwe properties, get in touch with one our of our travel team.

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