December 2023

Reflecting on 2023 & looking to the future with purpose

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Reflecting on 2023 & looking to the future with purpose

The end of a year is usually a time to think back on the months that have passed, reflecting on what’s unfolded, take stock and slow down. For some it’s a much-needed rest and for others a valuable chance to connect.

A natural point at which to take pause and set intentions for the coming year too, it’s also a time to consider what matters and adds meaning to our lives. The speed at which the time goes by makes this time of connection and introspection, all the more important.

Singita has designed havens of peace and serenity – each with its own unique spirit – to which you can retreat for relaxation and rest

Places of pause

Our beautiful spaces, spread throughout the African wilderness, are ideal places to connect and reflect. Calming, peaceful, surrounded by nature and removed from distraction or disturbance, they offer havens to which to retreat – at any time, but perhaps most appealingly after a long year.

Whether it’s the remote wilderness of Singita Malilangwe, the riverside privacy of Singita Sweni Lodge, the endless vistas from Singita Sasakwa, or the misty mountains of Singita Kwitonda, every region offers a unique and entirely inspiring experience, bound to restore and renew a sense of calm and self.

Each region offers a different experience and unique immersion into the wilderness

Times for togetherness & wellness

Importantly, it’s not only about looking inward, but also about reaching out. A time of year that brings families, friends and colleagues together to connect and spend meaningful time eating, relaxing and celebrating, the opportunity to connect is often a source of solace and restoration for heart, mind and soul.

Singita’s spaces typically foster meaningful time spent together, or solo. Intimate fireside conversations, coffee to the soundtrack of birdsong or restful wellness treatments in nature. Beyond the lodges themselves, time spent immersed in the wilderness, and the peace this brings never fails to leave its mark.

Opportunities to connect, with nature, oneself and others, abound at every turn – from evening fireside conversations to observing life in all its forms

The spirit of giving

Our belief in the power of nature to connect people with one another and themselves is fundamental to how we design our guest experience. Our wish is for guests to leave inspired and moved, with a greater sense of peace and purpose.

This sense of greater meaning can come from championing causes that further the preservation and expansion of wilderness areas, and that support the communities and wildlife who rely on it. As a time of generosity of spirit, the festive season for many offers the opportunity to give to others.

Our various non-profit conservation partners are sustained by this sense of selflessness and the generosity of guests and donors. From the anti-poaching units whose teams patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to protect vulnerable species, to the aspiring chefs of our Singita Community Culinary school. Find out more about the various ways you can support these worthy and necessary programmes here.

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