April 2022

Capturing a safari


Capturing a safari

What does capturing a safari mean to me? To capture a safari is something truly unique and something very special. One thing I have always said is that it is close to impossible to share the feeling that you get when you are in the open air on a game drive and taking in all of Nature’s beauty around you.

This is something that gets all of your senses going into overload and can be fairly overwhelming. You can always tell somebody what the safari is like and what magical experiences you may have had but it is a feeling that one gets when being on a drive or walk that makes you feel as though you have been engulfed by Nature and have a real sense of belonging.

There are so many ways for us to become one with Nature and all it has to offer. For me one of the best ways to do this is to take a walk and take note of the smaller aspects that make up the bigger picture. I find Nature to be like a puzzle in the sense that all aspects, big and small, play a crucial role in the circle of life out here in the true African wilderness and how everything works in conjunction with one another to make up the bigger picture.

In this day and age, we are very fortunate with the fact that we are able to photograph and video the special moments we get to experience on safari. With so many people taking a keen interest in wildlife photography, this is a great way to not only share unique experiences but also a way of spreading the word for conservation and the importance of the environment.

I have always thought that guides should take up photography as we get to see and experience the amazing interactions that take place on a daily basis. By the guides taking photos and posting them, it allows for those all around the world to have a little bit of Nature’s happiness and keep up to date regarding the animal interactions and movements that so many are interested in.

During the tough few months of lockdown when nobody was travelling and everyone was cooped up in their homes, I believe it is safe to say that this was something that kept people close to Nature and allowed for the mind to have a bit of a break and remember what a beautiful world it is that we live in and the uniqueness that Africa holds.