January 2022

Mating traded for a buffalo meal


Mating traded for a buffalo meal

On the morning of the 11th we witnessed a fantastic sunrise. We started our morning game drive from Sasakwa Lodge and made our way down onto the Sasakwa plains. We were lucky enough to encounter a mating pair of lions from the Butamtam Pride. We spent about 10 minutes watching them and witnessed copulatory activity. Then, about 15 minutes later, the male lion got up and the female readied herself for a repeat. However, as the male got on top of the female, a bellowing sound was heard from our east side. The lions froze and listened.

The sound came back up again, this time carrying on a little longer. The male lion jumped off the back of the female and the female started running towards where the sound was heard. The two game viewers on site then followed the lions as we could not accurately establish the direction of the sound. The mating pair reached the scene where a fully grown buffalo cow was being suffocated by 5 lionesses of the Butamtam Pride. The mating pair then joined the feast.

By Peter Chatama
Field Guide