November 2021

A chatty cheetah


A chatty cheetah

One morning we headed south to look for a pride of lions when one of our guides called in a male cheetah over the radio. The cheetah was north of 40 km pan, lying on the road.

Whilst there, one of the other game viewing vehicles left us alone with this male cheetah, who was still lying in the same position. After about 15 to 20 minutes, a single hyena showed up from the east, walking straight towards the spotted cat. The cheetah stood up to look at this hyena and began to vocalise. It looked like they were both having good chat with each other!

This was a sighting that you will not see at all unless you are in the right time and place. Both animals were vocalising with intent and aggression and yet sounding as if they were chatting about their day. It was the highlight of our morning game drive.

By Coleman Mnisi
Field Guide