September 2021

A Battle between Owls


A Battle between Owls

Birds have fascinated me since childhood, I find them captivating and when I came across this very special sighting on the Raho drainage, just south of Sabora Camp, I was blown away!

This Verreaux eagle owl (Bubo lacteus) had captured and was feeding on an adult marsh owl (Asio capensis).  This was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting and to witness such an incredibly rare event was very interesting.

The Verreaux eagle owl is a mighty bird, powerful and the largest of our owl species. With powerful talons, keen eyes and flight of deathly silence, this bird is a formidable hunter. With its size and strength it may take a number of prey species such as rodents, mongooses, genets and young antelope of the smaller species. To see the hunter preying on a marsh owl was a unique interaction and could well be a first and a last experience for me as this is not witnessed on a regular basis. What an exciting situation and to be able to capitalise on the photographic opportunities made it unforgettable!