August 2021

The little things in life…


The little things in life…

In between looking after the formidable black rhinos during the translocation, Jennifer Conaghan, Boma Manager at The Malilangwe Trust, captured these photos of some of the smaller creatures and flowers that are out and about on the reserve at the moment.

A plum slug (Latoia latistriga) If the colours are not enough to warn you know that the spines are toxic and can induce an extreme burning sensation.

The image directly below (by Dharmesh Daya) is of the larvae of the Catamerus revoili beetle. The slow moving beetle feeds on the lichen that grows on the rocks.

A selection of pink flowers that are currently showing…

Anisotes species, Hemizygia species - The fertility plant (Cyathula orthacantha

Many of the plants in this region do not have common names, and are referred to by their scientific name or more generally by the Genus name.

By Tengwe Siabwanda
Professional Guide