July 2021

Kudu Kill


Kudu Kill

It was the last morning game drive for our guests staying at Ebony Lodge and we drove south looking for a cheetah, but failed. We decided to stop for morning coffee and after that the guests said they’d like to be back at the lodge around 10h30 as to have enough
time to pack their bags. I asked them if they’d like to go past a small pride of lions that had been found, and they replied, “Of course! We can go to say goodbye!” So we went there and found the three young males and one young female all resting, doing nothing

We left them sleeping and headed back to the lodge.  On the way, on our left side of the road, tracker Reazert Mthabini said, “Stop - lion!” It was an adult lioness and she was looking at a group of impala and kudus behind us. She got up and walked towards these animals. I checked with my guests if they still wanted to go back or to wait and see if something happens? Everyone said they’d we’d like to stay. I decided to give the hunting lioness some space as to not interfere or influence the hunt in any way. She got into the perfect ambush position from behind a termite mound.

The kudu unfortunately had no chance as she ran like lightning, and in the blink of an eye she jumped on his back and made the kill! We just saw dust! It was an incredible moment for us, even Reazert and I. It was so special to see this in front of us, in daylight, as lion usually hunt mostly at night. But when the opportunity comes, they will take it! It was around 11h30 in the morning when she caught the kudu.

The guests did some fast packing with their adrenalin still pounding when we got back to the lodge!