July 2021

Hyenas attack a wildebeest amidst a herd of buffaloes


Hyenas attack a wildebeest amidst a herd of buffaloes

As the wildebeest migration is currently occupying the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park we were very lucky to experience one Nature’s best interactions. A clan of eight spotted hyenas managed to hunt down a male wildebeest, within a group of five old buffalo bulls.

This dramatic scene, begun with only a single female hyena who chased the wildebeest for approximately 1.5 km. The endurance of this hyena was exceptional, and she chased the wildebeest until it was exhausted and in desperation, joined a group of five old bull buffaloes.

Amazingly, the buffaloes tried to protect the wildebeest and backed him up for a short time, but then the hyena started to call for help from other members of her clan. Within ten minutes, the number of hyena multiplied into eight individuals. Suddenly there was a mighty threat to the old buffaloes, and they decided to turn on the lone wildebeest and chase him away from their position.

He was injured at this point and suffered some flesh wounds; his legs and other parts of his body were bleeding due to being horned and kicked so badly by the buffaloes.

The hyenas took advantage of the severely injured wildebeest. Once they smelt the blood they teamed up and moved into the middle of the buffaloes and managed to single out the wildebeest. They then started to attack and kill the wildebeest. A savage and sobering sighting – all a part of the cycle of life.

By Bernard Hosea
Field Guide