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Singita Announces New Digital Experience

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Singita Announces New Digital Experience

22 February 2021 – Once again setting the tone for the future of ecotourism and luxury safaris on the continent, leading conservation and ecotourism brand Singita launched its brand-new digital experience this month. The completely reimagined website serves as an availability-and-enquiry engine, as well as a safari-planning tool which encapsulates and translates the timeless natural experiences guests can look forward to when visiting Singita’s 15 award-winning lodges across Africa.

In response to the evolving needs and expectations of modern travellers in a world that’s seen some vast shifts and changes, Singita’s web presence was carefully designed to represent profoundly calming and nurturing moments in nature, inspiring guests to experience a renewed sense of wellbeing within the wilderness. Echoing this transformation, the thoughtfully executed design and soft colour palette reflect the gentle tones of the African bush.

Singita’s role as a pioneering ecotourism brand takes centre stage within a new conservation section, which showcases its 100-year purpose and the dedicated efforts of its partner Funds and Trusts. Carrying out crucial work as custodians of the land and supporting economic development and education programmes in the communities surrounding each region in which Singita operates, they have been working tirelessly for more than 25 years to preserve and protect Africa’s most vulnerable wildlife and wilderness for generations to come.

Simultaneously sophisticated and warm, the design strikes the perfect balance between immersive content and useful information, naturally guiding visitors on a digital journey that reflects the Singita experience. Detailed lodge information is within easy reach, while online availability can be established within a few easy clicks – all making for a seamless safari planning experience for our guests and trade partners.

New features of the website include:

  • A destination resource: e-brochures, maps, lodge site layouts and more to simplify the planning of your Singita safari
  • The ability to check availability in real-time and submit enquiries to our team of in-house Travel Advisors
  • A section to view and download important information on COVID-19 travel protocols for the safety of our guests
  • Quick access to the Singita Travel Partner site – with access to extended image and video libraries, lodge information, maps, rates and selling tools
  • The ability to view 3D room layouts for each lodge

Referring to the new website, Lindy Rousseau, Singita’s Chief Marketing Officer says, “African safaris have captured the imagination of travellers for decades. After a 27-year journey, guests still choose Singita as there’s an authenticity of place at each lodge that is not only a rarity but touches people on every level – spiritual and emotional.” She adds, “We’ve purposefully designed this website to encapsulate the evolution of travel and the timeless essence of being surrounded by nature, and to inspire our trade partners and guests to consciously book an African trip that leaves a legacy.”

About Singita

Singita is a conservation and ecotourism brand that has been helping to preserve Africa’s wildlife and wilderness for the past 27 years, offering guests exceptional safari experiences at 15 luxury, award-winning lodges and camps across four countries. In partnership with non-profit Funds & Trusts who implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita’s 100-year purpose is to preserve and protect large parts of African wilderness for future generations. www.singita.com

For reservations: +27 21 683 3424, enquiries@singita.com

Press release issued by: Lisa Carey, PR & Communications Manager (lisa.c@singita.com)

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