Louise Heyns, a pastry chef at Singita Sabora Tented Camp, grew up in Stellenbosch and kicked off her career at some of the culinary hot-spots of the Cape Winelands before joining the team at Singita Grumeti. She is responsible for planning the day’s menu and preparing the high tea spread served in the late afternoon; a food experience that is often accompanied with a delicious and refreshing cocktail.

Coconut mojito recipe from Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

The mojito is a classic cocktail of Cuban origin, traditionally made from a mixture of mint, lime and sugar. From the cane fields to the clubs of Havana, the drink has evolved over hundreds of years and through countless variations. Louise’s recipe has a tropical twist in the form of some coconut flavouring, which makes it ideal for soaking up the last of the Serengeti’s simmering heat in the shade of the lodge veranda. Herd of zebra on the lawn optional.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

Recipe: Coconut Mojito

Ingredients – what you will need:
25ml light rum
25ml coconut liqueur
10ml coconut milk
A handful of fresh mint
A lemon wedge
10ml lemon juice
Crushed ice

Method – what to do:
1. Fill the glass about halfway with the crushed ice, then pour in the rum, followed by the coconut liqueur and lemon juice
2. Take the fresh mint and crush with some ice, then add this to your drink so the glass is almost full
3. Add your lemon wedge top with more crushed ice
4. Finish off with the splash of coconut milk and garnish with mint

Makes one serving

Browse the Cocktail Recipe tag on the blog for more delicious and refreshing recipes, like Wild Hibiscus Spritzer and Blueberry Gin Royale. Follow Louise on Instagram if you also love delectable cakes, cookies and confectionary – but be warned, it’ll make you hungry!

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