The beginning of every year brings new opportunities to reflect and to focus afresh on one’s goals for the months ahead. Singita’s enduring purpose is even more far-reaching than that; it is a 100-year vision to conserve, preserve, and protect the one million acres of Africa of which we are custodians. With the continent’s precious wilderness areas and most vulnerable species under severe threat, Singita’s total dedication to conservation is important now, more than ever.


With the commitment of our staff and partners, and the kind generosity of our guests, we have spent more than two decades setting the bar for sustainable tourism and creating an unparalleled wildlife experience for our visitors. Our success stories include the return of the Great Migration to the western corridor of the Serengeti, extremely rewarding anti-rhino-poaching initiatives in Zimbabwe, and the protection of endangered elephants in South Africa. To complement these efforts, Singita’s 12 award-winning lodges and camps support thousands of local community members, providing employment and education opportunities, supporting local enterprises by sourcing from local suppliers and enhancing awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices. Together, the elements of environmentally conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation and the empowerment of local communities create a positively enhancing balance that makes Singita truly a “Place of Miracles”.

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