“Singita is my home and my colleagues are my family”

– Wildlife Tracker, Ruel Ngwenya

The iconic sounds of the African bush – the throaty call of a territorial lion, the warble of an emerald spotted dove, the sing-song chirp of the cicadas – are ever present on safari. At Singita Sabi Sand, there is another sound you might hear while exploring the reserve; the amused chuckle of field guide Warrick Davey and wildlife tracker, Ruel Ngwenya. Both sporting permanent grins which some might describe as mischievous, this enthusiastic pair find great delight in each other’s company and in sharing this wilderness area with their guests.

Coming from vastly different backgrounds, Warrick and Ruel are unlikely companions but there’s no denying their connection as friends and colleagues. A game drive with these two is always lots of fun, as well as being action-packed and informative. Their shared, lifelong passion for the continent’s most wild and beautiful places is completely infectious and creates a wonderful atmosphere for discovering everything these places have to offer. The wonder of seeing a leopard for the first time or quietly observing a rhino and her calf, some of the world’s most highly endangered species, is only heightened by the obvious appreciation Warrick and Ruel have for these animals and their natural habitat.

For all of their experience, this guiding team admits that they are still always learning about the bush and each other. As Ruel says, “one of the things I like about Warrick is he’s a very open guy and he likes to learn.” Warrick is equally complimentary of his partner, saying “one of my favourite things about working with Ruel is that he’s got the most incredible skills when it comes to tracking.” This curious and open-minded approach to everything they do is an integral part of what makes their partnership so successful, and why discovering this incredible part of the world with them is such a memorable and enriching experience for their guests.

Apart from our field guides and trackers who actively participate in the achievement of our conservation goals, Singita Sabi Sand also employs a dedicated team focused on protecting and conserving the biodiversity of the protected area. The team’s primary task is ensuring that the land and its inhabitants remain as close as possible to the untouched state in which the Bailes family found it some 85 years ago. Visit the Conservation section of the site to learn more about this important work »

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