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Conservation at Singita Serengeti

Grumeti - Tanzania

Conservation at Singita Serengeti

The Serengeti plains teem with wildlife, including vast herds of plains game, the Big Five and the spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration. It is Singita’s task, through the Singita Grumeti Fund, to ensure that this pristine environment under its care is closely protected and that the Serengeti’s natural cycles continue as they have for millennia.

Making a very low impact on the environment is key. To this end, there are only three lodges, one private house and one camp in the entire 350 000 acres of wilderness that make up Singita Grumeti, thus providing maximum viewing quality for guests and a minimum footprint on the land.

Another aspect of custodianship is the fight against poaching. Before 2002, illegal hunting was an everyday occurrence in this area, resulting in a rapidly diminishing game population. Since then, the Grumeti Fund has implemented, in close collaboration with the Tanzanian Wildlife Division, management practices which have had unprecedented success. Integral to the programme is a large team of game scouts who perform anti-poaching duties.

A further aspect of custodianship has been the reintroduction of native species. In 1960, Serengeti National Park had 800 black rhinos. By 1980, due to severe poaching, that number had been reduced to 30. One challenging project that Singita has undertaken, in collaboration with the Tanzanian government, is the reintroduction of the East African sub-species of black rhinoceros to the Serengeti.