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As the world’s human population continues its exponential growth, the loss of pristine wilderness is taking place at an ever-accelerating rate, to counteract this Singita is making a profound difference in many parts of Africa.

Orchestrating an interdependent relationship between communities, wildlife and tourism that ensures true sustainability, Singita is blazing a trail which is seldom achieved on this scale anywhere else on the continent.

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The Singita Vision

Singita's purpose is to protect and preserve large tracts of wilderness for future generations. This will be magnified as pristine parts of the world continue to shrink in the face of population growth. 

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SL DEcember 3
Latest Wildlife Report

Singita Lamai

December’s month of weather was fairly calm, but punctuated by several incredibly heavy thunderstorms. We received 54 mm on two consecutive nights, which created havoc with the roads and the localized drainage crossings – some of the daily game drives began to look like a muddy 4×4 jamboree! The river rose perilously high in just...

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Singita Community Partnership Programmes promote and develop socio cultural and economic conditions of our neighbouring communities.



Our conservation team works to restore, enhance and protect the biodiversity and natural systems of the land under our guardianship.

Wildlife Photography Tips by Ross Couper at Singita

Top 5 Wildlife Photography Tips from our Field Guides

Traveling to a new destination often sparks an interest in how to capture your memories best. The challenge begins before you even arrive at the lodge, as you will most likely spot birds and wildlife as you drive through the bush – don’t be surprised to see a few members of the Big 5 either! To ensure…

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Highlights from our Wildlife Reports

Highlights from our Wildlife Reports

With more than half a million acres of epic wilderness spread across three countries in Africa, Singita is home to a diverse number of flora and fauna. Our Wildlife Reports are a monthly chronicle of the goings on in the bush, from notable game sightings and animal activity to interesting anecdotes and weather patterns. Here…

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