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In days gone by, unspoilt wilderness on earth was found in abundance – but today it is rare, vulnerable and fragile and there is much to be done to protect these rapidly diminishing areas.

Conservation lives hand-in-hand with ecotourism and community development at Singita. We believe it’s the responsible way to maintain and extend the sustainability of our wildlife reserves. Singita is the attentive guardian of over half a million acres of pristine African wilderness.

Our hands-on conservation teams on each property are committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the land and its fauna and flora.

They go above and beyond the constant conservation efforts of land rehabilitation, maintenance, wildlife monitoring and fencing security, to initiating effective and innovative anti-poaching methods, research, wildlife re-introduction, preserving invaluable San Rock Art sites and working on conservation issues beyond our boundaries.

Below are described a selection of primary projects within four regions of Africa but beyond these there are a multitude of numerous successful initiatives that have come into fruition across all of the reserves and surrounding areas.

Each project supports Singita's vision to preserve and protect wilderness areas for future generations through the three pillars of: wildlife conservation, eco-friendly tourism and community support.

Conservation at Singita

conservation at pamushana Resized
Malilangwe - Zimbabwe

Conservation at Singita Pamushana

Our conservation objective is to restore and sustain the historic biodiversity of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. In addition to the benefits for the reserve, it is envisaged that lessons learned here will help to derive best practice protocols that will have application in other conservation initiatives, both regionally and internationally. On the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve,…

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Singita Serengeti - conservation
Serengeti - Tanzania

Conservation at Singita Serengeti

The Serengeti plains teem with wildlife, including vast herds of plains game, the Big Five and the spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration. It is Singita’s task, through the Singita Grumeti Fund, to ensure that this pristine environment under its care is closely protected and that the Serengeti’s natural cycles continue as they have for…

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conservation at Kruger Resized
Kruger National Park, South Africa - South Africa

Conservation at Singita Kruger National Park

The lodges in Singita Kruger National Park were built on the promise to “touch the earth lightly”. This commitment has been manifested in the way the lodges were constructed; how they operate today; and how guests experience the wildlife and the natural habitat. The company’s impact on the land is regularly monitored both internally and…

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conservation at Sabi Sand Resized
Sabi Sand - South Africa

Conservation at Singita Sabi Sand

Singita Sabi Sand employs a dedicated team focused on protecting and conserving the bio-diversity of the incredible land under its care. The team is tasked with ensuring that the land, complete with its diverse flora and fauna, remains, as closely as possible, in the untouched state in which the Bailes family found it some 85…

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