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Modern conservation requires a keen focus upon keeping tourism, the community and conservation in a constructive and positively enhancing balance. The health and survival of each of these aspects is crucial to the survival of the whole.

Communities close to Singita reserves are key role-players in preserving the integrity of wilderness area and their wildlife. It is therefore important that they understand and benefit from the existence of the reserves.  Singita’s long-term, broad community development objective is therefore to assist communities to thrive, both economically and socially. The programmes described below, serve to illustrate the types of programmes that are in place on the various properties.

Singita employs 1 100 staff within its 5 regions and deliberately maximises monthly purchases from local enterprises. In this way Singita plays a role in strengthening the local economy.

In addition to this, the Community Development teams on each property co-ordinate active support for development initiatives.


Community development programmes have 4 main objectives: well educated children; the development of small enterprises; assisting government in its effort to provide clean drinking water; and an enhanced awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices among local community members.

Communities at Singita

Malilangwe - Zimbabwe

Community Partnership Programme

As part of Singita’s dedication to empowering and supporting the local community, it has undertaken a massive feeding programme ensuring that children receive the nourishment they need resulting in better school attendance and better prospects for their futures.

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Singita Serengeti community  development
Serengeti - Tanzania

Community Partnership Programme

The Singita Grumeti Environmental Education Centre is a hive of activity throughout the year’s four school terms. The Centre, established in collaboration with Tanzania’s Education Department, offers 12 secondary school learners, and 2 of their teachers, a 5 day training course aimed at enhancing their understanding of nature and the role they play in preserving it.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa - South Africa

Community Partnership Programme

The Singita School of Cooking, located on site at Singita Kruger National Park’s staff village, was established to encourage the development of culinary skills and employment opportunities among local youth. This 18 month programme enables selected students to gain a nationally recognized Professional Cookery Qualification.

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Sabi Sand
Sabi Sand - South Africa

Community Partnership Programme

On an annual basis, Teach with Africa, a USA-based organisation, sends a team of experienced teachers to work closely with these schools, in support of the overall Growing to Read programme.  During the 5 weeks with the schools, they leverage the effectiveness of the broader programme.  Singita’s goal is to continue to provide such support to the existing cluster of pre-schools and to also broaden the programme to included other pre-schools in surrounding local villages.

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