The 178-acre piece of land on which Singita Kwitonda Lodge sits forms part of an ambitious undertaking by Singita and the Rwandan government to reforest and restore over 7,000 acres of land to the protected area, thereby increasing the habitat available to Rwanda’s endangered species. It is a plan which epitomises the sense of hope and optimism inherent in Rwanda’s people and is reflected in Singita’s commitment to conservation. The ultimate success of the programme will be an expanded range and increasing population of mountain gorillas in the park.

As the land has been under agriculture for many years, one of the priorities for its inclusion in the park is for it to be rehabilitated with appropriate local vegetation. To support this initiative, Singita has established an on-site nursery that already holds more than 60,000 plants, with exponentially more specimens to be added in the next phase of the project. Many of these plants have been purchased from neighbouring communities, including nursery cooperatives run by locals that have been established and are actively supported by Singita in the form of skill and knowledge sharing, as well as through ongoing procurement.

Guests are welcome to visit the nursery to enjoy the space and learn more about the significant conservation and biodiversity projects underpinning the Singita nursery.

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