Guests can explore the breathtaking Volcanoes National Park by foot, enjoying the guided walks and hikes in the different areas of this exceptional reserve. These excursions offer an opportunity to experience the unique vegetation, forest terrain and prodigious birdlife of the park.

Popular hikes within the park include:

Dian Fossey Hike

Trekking to the site of Dian Fossey famous research camp on the slopes of the Bisoke Volcano is one of the most sought after activities in the Volcanoes National Park. Dian Fossey is a key figure in recent Rwandan history; being a great primatologist and anthropologist, acknowledged internationally for her research on the critically endangered mountain gorillas as well as her unrelenting commitment towards the conservation of these species.

This hike is an incredible experience – physically, emotionally and intellectually. It comprises 2 hours of walking each way between 2700m – 3300m altitude, with about an hour spent exploring the camp. The route affords hikers an experience of changing vegetation and birdlife as they move up and down the slope of the volcano, as well as breathtaking views of the beautiful crater lake Ngezi. At the camp visitors spend time exploring Dian’s house, the site of the original Karisoke scientific research centre as well as her grave site and those of about 20 mountain gorillas.

The guided groups are limited at 15 people per group, with an age limit of 15 and advanced booking is recommended.

The Gahinga Hike

A relatively easy day hike (approximately 5 hours in total) up the Gahinga Volcano that allows hikers to observe the changes in vegetation with altitude.

The Muhabura Hike

A long day hike (6-7 hours up, 6-7 hours down) up the Muhabura Volcano. This is a challenging hike up to a crater lake on top of the volcano (4127m) with incredible views of the Virunga massif and the point where Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo meet.

The Karisimbi Overnight Hike

A trek to the highest point in Rwanda, the top of Karisimbi Volcano. This two day hike involves no technical climbing, and comprises a walk up to camp on day 1 (4-5 hours) to overnight at 3500m in tents. Hikers start out for the summit early morning on day 2, and climb to 4507m over the course of 3 hours.

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