Climbing trees, mud fights and playing pretend. The kind of childhood that requires dirty feet and a change of clothes every few hours. With an innate curiosity and care for nature, Kirsten enjoys getting down to earth with the small treasures that you can find in the African Bush. Bringing a dynamic, sensory and creative approach to guiding, Kirst takes joy in the opportunity in revealing the hidden beauty in the diverse tapestry of our ecosystem.

Kirsten’s journey started in Johannesburg, where she was born. At four years old she moved to Surrey in the United Kingdom, where she completed her schooling. With a natural flare for the creative arts, Kirsten’s path led her to study at Nottingham Trent University, where she completed a degree in BA Fashion design. A hands-on girl with an eye for detail and a passion for exploring the uncontemporary drove Kirsten back to her roots in Africa where she re-discovered her love for the African bushveld.

Beginning her guiding career in South Africa’s diverse Waterburg, Kirsten’s thirst for exploring led her to further training in Botswana, where she spent a month walking the wild plains and water systems of the Okavango Delta. On returning back to South Africa and with low-veld calling her name, Kirsten’s path took her to Singita, where she now places her roots. Bringing her inquisitive and thoughtful nature into her guiding experience at Singita Sabi Sand, Kirst will engage your senses and curiosity. Whether it may be listening to the light crackling of a herd of elephants moving through the thickets or spending a nostalgic moment touching your bare feet against the warm rich soil of the earth. A time to re-connect with nature in the playground we call Singita.

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Set on a picturesque sandstone ridge in Zimbabwe’s remote Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve and offering unfiltered space and time for deepened connections with nature, family and friends, Singita Malilangwe House is an exclusive-use villa with five expansive bedrooms – each with its own private deck. Here, guests have the relaxed freedom to enjoy tailormade stays catering to their every need and simply be present in each moment. Providing the stillness they seek, it’s the ultimate sanctuary in which to awaken the senses and restore the soul; and with private access to restorative experiences in 130,000 acres of untouched wilderness, it welcomes a profound sense of wellbeing, leaving them renewed, restored and inspired.

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