Singita Lamai is a 98,000-acre property at the northern-most tip of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, an area celebrated for its location on the route of the annual migration. Wildebeest cross the Mara River at various points and the camp’s unique location provides spectacular opportunities to view the crossings. Field guide Ryan Schmitt gives us an update on the migration activity in the concession:

Great migration update from Singita Lamai

Singita Lamai tends to get plenty of rain, which ensures that the grass stays green and long right up until the herds arrive, which they did in late June. The field guides based at the camp witnessed the first wildebeest crossing on the last day of June (just a couple of hundred animals) and within the first week of July there were thousands of animals crossing – some lasting the entire day!

Great migration update from Singita Lamai

The Mara River becomes the central focal point of the northern Serengeti at this point in the year. The crossings are action-packed, as the huge crocodiles that live in the river prey on the animals in the water, swapping their usual diet of fish for a feast of vulnerable wildebeest.

Great migration update from Singita Lamai

The crocodiles go into a killing frenzy, drowning far more animals than they could ever wish to consume, and as the carcasses get washed downstream and then get caught up on the rocks, they end up providing for thousands of scavenging birds. The crocs alternate feeding with basking in the sun (which helps with digestion), providing great viewing opportunities so that guests can see just how enormous these reptiles can get. It’s a busy and exciting time at Singita Lamai for sure!

Great migration update from Singita Lamai

Singita Mara River Tented Camp is located on the northern banks of the Mara River in the Lamai triangle. The camp is the epitome of sustainable tourism and consciously seeks to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials, operating entirely off the grid. Visit our site to learn more about this unique property.

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