Ask almost anyone who has ever been on safari, and they’ll tell you that one of the absolute highlights is the feeling of laying eyes on a wild animal in their natural habitat – whether it’s an enormous elephant grazing along the river’s edge or a tiny leopard tortoise making his way across a sandy track; every wildlife sighting is a thrill. For those of us stuck behind a desk or rushing around a bustling, faraway city, our Instagram account is an excellent place to catch up on the animal activity in our five reserves across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, and get a taste of the Singita safari experience. Here are some of our favourites from recent posts:

“A couple of vehicles were out tracking wild dogs early one morning, as a low layer of mist hung over the reserve. I quickly abandoned the search when I came across this magnificent white rhino bull wrapped in blue-pink mist. It was such a remarkable scene – this huge, strong, cumbersome animal shown in such delicate light. It was like the environment was illustrating the sensitive nature of these misunderstood animals. As the sun broke through the mist it cast a rose gold cloak over the scene for a rare and priceless memory.” – Field Guide @jenny_hishin_photojournalist at Singita Pamushana, Zimbabwe #OurSingita #Singita_ #Singitagram #Rhino #RhinoConservation #WhiteRhino #Wildlife #WildlifeConservation #SingitaPamushana #Zimbabwe #VisitZimbabwe #Malilangwe #EndangeredSpecies #Safari #GameSpotting

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There are a number of ways to stay up-to-date with the latest animal sightings at Singita’s 12 lodges and camps – you can, of course, follow us on Instagram, or read the monthly Wildlife Reports, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our Vimeo channel. Don’t forget to tag your own social media posts from our reserves with #OurSingita so we can see and share them online too.

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