Wild dog action

Grumeti | November 2017

The dogs have been seen once this month, and have moved out towards the east of our concession. The day they were seen was incredible! They were first found at around 17:30 in the afternoon lying up along a drainage line and, as those that have had the privilege of viewing these animals will know, they start to get active again just before sunset. This was precisely the case here, and about 17:50 they started to wake up and play with each other – again very typical behaviour before heading off on a hunt. As they got moving they flushed a male impala from a thicket and the hunt was on!

They chase took place over 2 km by which point the impala was exhausted and the rest, as they say, was history. We were parked 15 meters away from the dogs and watched in awe as they began their gruesome feeding ritual on the impala. Not 15 minutes after they had caught and eaten the impala a herd of wildebeest walked past and the dogs again started to hunt and they singled out a young wildebeest calf as their next meal. This chase did not last as long, as the calf had an injured hind leg and the dogs quickly chased it down.

So, two kills in the space of 30 minutes is why I love spending time with the dogs as I know its guaranteed action!