What’s in a name?

Sabi Sand | June 2016

We have a name! Last month we were deliberating on a fitting name for the Hlaba’Nkunzi female’s young son.

Some rangers and trackers wanted to keep the tradition of a Shangaan name that most of our leopards have been given, while the staff who have seen him in the lodge areas on a frequent basis wanted his name to be of a more familiar term as he is so frequently seen at both the lodge and staff village. Tradition is tradition and through weeks of discussion, we are proud to announce his new name:

The N’weti male

‘N’weti’ in Shangaan is the name for ‘moon’. We thought this would be a fitting name, considering his father is the Nyelethi male leopard and this name translated would be ‘stars’.

The N’weti male is a gem of a leopard and we all have a few stories about him that bring fond memories. Currently, as this story is being written, a radio report has just come in that this male leopard is feeding on a bushbuck carcass under the deck of one of the rooms once again. Once he does move off and explore, he is going to be missed by all of the staff. The story that follows is a classic example of his behaviour.