Waiting patiently for a warthog to exit its burrow

Grumeti | November 2019

On the morning of November 11th, we spotted two lionesses in the distance. One of the lionesses was busy digging into a warthog burrow while the other lioness was resting nearby. The lioness that was digging would occasionally pause briefly before continuing to dig. Then, at one point, both lionesses decided to hide in the grasses next to the mound.

They waited patiently, hoping that the warthog would eventually emerge from its burrow. Suddenly, one of the lionesses detected movement and she stealthily approached the mound and waited some more. Then, the warthog came shooting out of its burrow. Both lions chased after it and caught it just a few meters away from the burrow. Neither lioness wanted to share the warthog carcass, and they both tried to use their power to dominate the kill.

Eventually, one of the lionesses loosened her grip from the warthog, and the other one pulled away – the carcass was ripped in half. One lioness dragged its portion of the carcass to the shade and continued to feed. The other lioness stayed in the sun and fed on the portion of the carcass that she had managed to secure. We watched the lionesses feed for a short while before continuing with our drive. What an amazing sighting!